Design. Develop.​​Deliver.


We sell what you want  

Do you have the mould ?  We have the press.


Specialists in Rubber

Quaility is our middle name


The company supplies a diverse range of products into a widely distributed customer base!


  • Automotive

  • Mining

  • Industrial / Engineering

  • Food industry 

  • Electrical

  • Plumbing

To at all time give excellent service and high quality products to customer specification using the three pillars of the company


Design, Develop and Delivery.  


To uplift the staff and community. 

Always looking at ways to improve the company, process and working conditions with us the customer is always first.


Matt Rubber Mouldings is to expand and grow to become one of the most reliable manufactures of Rubber, Plastic and Polyurethane Products.

While still supplying high quality 

products and service with

Honesty, Integrity & Willingness to help at all times.

Our Customers Include:

Professional Lawn Equipment, Pennyware Distributors, Rubber & Allied, Thomas Pipe Products and many more ...

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